Isleta Design Studio

Isleta Design Studio

We are an Italian design studio, founded and based in Canary Islands since 2016.


L' - cover image
"L’Arno" is a blog about Pisa and its citizens. It takes its name from the longest river of Tuscany, crossing the region from Falternona to Boccadarno and other important cities such as Florence and Pisa. The logotype was designed focusing on the Italian pronunciation and orthography of the name, which needs an apostrophe in order to be written correctly. This symbol was emphasized and fused together with the letter L, giving right proportions and readability to the name. The red color is that of the municipality of Pisa.

Stepsurf Canarias

Stepsurf - blue logo on yellow background
The Stepsurf logotype and brand are intended to communicate aquatic sports and summertime in Gran Canaria, where summer lasts all the year. The composition represents a tropical island with palm trees and the logotype incorporates the shape of this peculiar board through the letter F. Blue and Yellow are not only the colors available for the tables, but also those of Canary Islands' flag.

Springly World

Springly World - entrance banner
Springly World is a world to discover for children of all ages, the perfect park where fun and creativity stimulate their minds all day long. We have helped Spring Hotels develop theme park areas, banners and flyers, as well as customized Springly products.


Springly - cover image
Springly is the official mascot of Springly World, the children's theme park developed by Spring Hotels within the Bitácora hotel. The drawing was born from the idea of identifying Tenerife with a character capable of expressing the beauty and authenticity of its landscapes, teaching children to know the natural world and respect for nature through play.


Novutensileria - glyph logo
Novutensileria is a hardware store born in 1980 from the passion for equipment and innovations of the sector of Mr. Antonio Sgura. From a small shop it has been transformed into a reference entrepreneurial reality in the province of Brindisi. Since 2016 it has opened its e-commerce and built its online and offline visual identity.

AMA Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Antiche Masserie d'Apulia - Explorium packaging cover
AMA extra virgin olive oil represents a precious food characterized by remarkable nutritional values, capable of arousing sensations and emotions. Its quality is rooted in the territory and culture; in the same way the labels designed for the 250ml and 500ml bottles represent in the background the farm from which it all began.