Isleta Design Studio

Isleta Design Studio

We are an Italian design studio, founded and based in Canary Islands since 2016.

iJump Gran Canaria

iJump - t-shirt mockup cover
iJump is the most exciting Skydive experience in Gran Canaria, an incomparable adventure jumping out of a plane over the impressive landscape that the island offers all year round. For this brand we have designed the official team shirts and various merchandise to strengthen the visual identity of the most adrenaline-fueled service in Gran Canaria.


mTalk - ATF illustration
mTalk is the MessageNet app to call any phone number in the world at extremely low cost. We redesigned the sections of the landing page, adding original illustrations to the side of each paragraph.

MessageNet logo

MessageNet - logo
MessageNet is a leading company in the development and marketing of VoIP, mobile and fax services on Internet. The logo restyle focused on a minimal approach of the "M" letter of MessageNet brand.