Isleta Design Studio

Isleta Design Studio

We are an Italian design studio, founded and based in Canary Islands since 2016.


mTalk - ATF illustration
mTalk is the MessageNet app to call any phone number in the world at extremely low cost. We redesigned the sections of the landing page, adding original illustrations to the side of each paragraph.

MessageNet logo

MessageNet - logo
MessageNet is a leading company in the development and marketing of VoIP, mobile and fax services on Internet. The logo restyle focused on a minimal approach of the "M" letter of MessageNet brand.

Sfrutta l’Agronoma

Sfrutta L'Agronoma - original logo
Sfrutta l'Agronoma is a project born with the intention of spreading good practices and knowledge on plants and gardening, the vegetable garden and green design, through a technical but simple language. The logo reflects the Italian saying of "green thumb", identifying the agronomist as a fantastic being with green skin, a wood elf capable of perceiving the sensitivity of the plant world.

Comma Openlab

Comma Openlab - cover image
Comma OpenLab spreads the culture of sustainability and supports companies wishing to implement sustainable initiatives integrated into the business. The name derives from the terms "communication" and "marketing" merged together but also refers to the concept of the typographic "comma", paragraph in English. The logo was designed by integrating in the letter O the icon of a balloon as a symbol of communication par excellence, with a negative comma inside.

Shakespeare school

Shakespeare School - cover image
The Shakespeare School logo seeks to express, through its symbols, the most significant aspects of the study of British literature, closely linked to its most illustrious name: William Shakespeare. The phoenix is undoubtedly a well-known symbol in European literatures and also in the verses of Shakespeare; it is born, dies and rises from its ashes, representing the constancy and perseverance of the student during his studies, important aspects that allow him to build a solid career.


Hashtagworkspace - cover image
The HashtagWorkspace logo represents a rounded square divided in four colored areas by a white hashtag symbol. That's because HashtagWorkspace is a collective of different professional areas, a community of digital nomads and workers living in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The home icon inside the logo stands as the HashtagWorkspace building, based in Vegueta, the historical district of the city.

Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 2018

Carnaval 2018 de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - cover image
The municipality of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria launched the contest to select the official poster for the Carnival of the city, the most important event on the island, recognized at national level as one of the most beautiful carnivals in Spain. The purpose of the competition was to design a poster according to the theme of “magic and other fantastic creatures”. We are proud to announce our victory in the 2018 edition of this prestigious competition.