Springly World theme park

By Isleta Design Studio 3 years ago

The playground

Springly World is a fantastic place for fun and stimulation, a colorful theme park for children in the heart of the Bitácora Hotel in Tenerife. It is a place where children can explore, imagine and create through activities and workshops, with the help of their trusted friend Springly, the Dragon elf.

The flyer

The theme park flyer was developed on four sides and briefly tells the story of Springly and his magical arrival in Tenerife. Inside, the activities that can be performed at the Bitácora hotel, which hosts Springly's playground, are also presented.


We designed the graphic aspect of the park starting from the old settings, creating the prototype of the park's main wall and some furnishing elements. We have also created coordinated merchandise products such as cosmetics, hats and t-shirts as well as badges, coloring books and placemats.
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