PRESS Magazine Spot Illustrations

By Isleta Design Studio 5 years ago
Infographic style spot illustration about business organization and statistics

Selected illustrations

We selected some of the illustrations and icons made for various articles of “Press Magazine“ in 2016 (the magazine of the Italian national order of accountants). Most of the illustrations deal with law, economics and tax assistance, a subject hard to represent through descriptive and metaphoric illustration.

Icons with gradients

We always try to improve modern ways of communicating symbols. In this case we designed icons with gradient colors, a hybrid solution between iconic and descriptive illustration that preserves readability and keeps graphic details as well.
Economy home banking spot illustration about money deposits and gains
Money balance icon illustration
Money increasing statistics icon illustration

Spot illustrations

Economy and finance issues are always hard to communicate through graphic contents. We designed some spot illustration trying to take iconic illustration and visual metaphors to a higher level. The minimalist style helps to summarize the essence of the message without losing the aesthetic appeal of the picture.
Government laws spot illustration about Italian burocracy and public administration contests
Sleeping worker spot illustration
Active worker spot illustration
Man choosing between public and private work spot illustration
Graphic illustration about the perfect business contract
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