We Are a Creative Design Studio

Isleta Design Studio is a Graphic and Web design studio, founded in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 2016. We work on editorial and digital design projects for international agencies and clients. Get connected with our world of creativity!

Francesco Faggiano

Illustrator & Designer / Co-Founder

About Francesco

Francesco started working as freelance graphic designer in 2007, during university at Politecnico di Milano. He graduated in 2008 with a BSc. degree in Industrial Design and later in 2012 with a MSc. degree in Communication Design, officially starting his illustrator career. He’s specialized in vector graphics, geometry and gradient colors, thus making his illustrations unique. His imagination has no limits!

Claudia Calderoni

Creative Director / Co-Founder

About Claudia

Claudia is a very curious and passionate designer specialized in UI/UX design, graphic design and brand corporate, with +5 years experience in digital agencies in Milan. She graduated full marks with a MSc. degree in Communication Design in 2012She started working during university, collaborating on editorial and digital projects for food, beauty and fashion markets.


Yoga Guru / Community Manager

About Isleta Design Studio

Isleta is the Spanish word for “small island”, symbolizing for us a place where creativity is born spontaneously and courageously to address the everyday issues of design. Isleta Design Studio represents our challenge to the world of design, in order to achieve a more effective level of communication between our clients and their customers.

Illustration with Love

Isleta Design Studio loves illustration, one of the best creative solutions to enhance storytelling and make a brand more effective. We really believe in this expressive form of communication, as it is an effective way to support writing and favor the imagination of the reader, helping him to mature a more concrete and conscious vision of the service you are offering.

Art Director Lifestyle

We deal with art direction, the most peculiar and creative part of our job. We work side-by-side with our customers, taking into account all the functional and strategic aspects of their businesses, detailing brand strategies, website experiences and social marketing contents. We also deal with communication consultancy, supporting your business in any kind of issues.

Italian Design Culture

Despite being based in Canary Islands, we were born, raised and educated in Italy. We developed our professional skills at Politecnico di Milano, the University of Design, alongside the best Italian companies and professors in the industry. We have thus developed a vast and heterogeneous visual culture, the best weapon to be creative and tackle any type of project, whether it is graphic, web, industrial, etc…

Professional Features

+7 Years of Experience

We count on more than 7 years of experience in graphic and web design.

High Quality Contents

Visual contents for all purposes with the best resolution on paper and screen.

Graphic & Digital Experts

We are advanced professionals in vector and pixel-perfect design.

Multi-language Speakers

You will find easy speaking with us in English, Spanish and Italian.

Tailor-made Italian Design

Our design education has made us experts about project methods.

Smart Remote Working

Despite of living on a little island, we easily get connected with our clients.

Our Clients love us

Grandes profesionales y artistas. Os los recomiendo para cualquier tipo de cambio en diseño e imagen corporativa.

Rafael Morillo Trujillo, Business consultant

Super professionali e molto disponibili a capire le mie esigenze. Sono davvero soddisfatta del sito! Grazie!

Ileana Sapia, Event manager

Grandi professionisti, non si limitano a svolgere il compito richiesto ma offrono idee, spunti e riflessioni utili. Lavorano bene, sono veloci ed estremamente attenti a tutti i dettagli. Il loro lavoro è stato determinante per la buona riuscita del sito larno.it

Orlando Sacchelli, Journalist

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